It is not a “Fashion swag” but Science

Social animals, that we are, we have innate psychological dependency on our kin for Acceptance. Every human wants to be heard and noticed.

Today, we have invented and have adopted to a plethora of technical platforms to EXPRESS our emotions. Emotion is what, that hooks a product to its identified target.

As per anatomy, the human emotions are depicted visually to the outside world by the contraction and relaxation of facial muscles. Expressions are both voluntary and involuntary. We are natural observers. We judge and assess the subject we observe.

The equation a Brand wants to establish with its target market begins by triggering psychological factors. The Brand equation is always illustrated by a Human.

The models walking the ramp with a wood face is not a “Fashion swag” but Science. As per Paul Ekman, an eminent American psychologist, there are 6 basic Human expressions which are happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, and disgust among the cloud of 7000  expressions. Expressions are both voluntary and involuntary. Research reveals expressions are hard wired to the human brain. We subconsciously observe people. The expression-wizard that is inherent in us starts curating the data gathered from different sources and builds  what we call as “Perception”.

“A model is the walking mannequin”. A zero-figure, aspiringly fit, attractive mannequin is placed behind the glass case at the entrance of the showroom. This plastic / fibre monochrome mannequin carries no expression. The intent of the tall, high-neck, chin-up, pretty faced fibre lady is to seed an Aspiration. Here, it not about a successful conversion but planting and nurturing the Brand emotion in the minds of the customer. Her Confidence, Grit and Fearless attitude displayed by the neutral expression is what, that has actually gained your attention.  A cult expression is what that is often carried as a sign of Confidence, Self-esteem, Privilege and more. Expression is a distraction.

This psychological equation of a Brand is refined by a million other psychological parameters gathered by Vision, Sound, Touch, Smell and more. This holds very true to the line “Less is More.”

“Watch not my face, but the polka dots and stripes.”

Today, many Fashion Brands, quote “Affordable Luxury”. This phrase is a fallacy. If it is affordable, it can’t be Aspirational. It will not be called Luxury. The subjectivity of a term is often exploited. Well, I don’t agree if it is called Marketing.

It is the “Aspiration factor” of a Brand that pulls Admiration and Acceptance from the onlookers. How is it?

Which is your Aspiration Product ?

Longines Conquest Classic watch it is to me.

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