Holi celebration at Jaipur

Jaipur is a dream destination to many. So was to me, for almost a decade. And here it is, my travelogue for the Holi weekend. My advice would be to spend a liberal amount of time in this beautiful city. There are too many places to visit, experience, food to taste, story tellers and much more than I can say.

It was a morning flight Mumbai >> Jaipur. I witnessed a very beautiful sunrise from the Airport. I had booked my stay on Airbnb for the Khandaka homestay. Khandaka is placed on a busy commercial street less than a kilometer from Hawa mahal. This was indeed an ideal location to me with just one weekend at hand.

One important thing you learn when you travel from one place to another to to shed assumptions and judgements about a place. Visit a place and be ready to get surprised. This was where it all began. I had just one small cabin trolley. As I exited the terminal, I could find this place chill. I needed a jacket. I had always thought, Jaipur is a hot place. Not that it isn’t. It was March 2nd week and Summer had to begin.


Fortunately Google showed me “The Khandaka palace”. This surrounding roads were on construction and hence it wasn’t easy for the auto driver to reach the homestay. Khandaka homestay was around 15kms fro the airport and it wasn’t easy to find an Ola or an auto. No cabs were located on Ola and Uber. I hired a local taxi and it cost me Rs. 850 to Khandaka

I settled in getting down on the road and walk my way to the homestay as it was just 300meters. It was sunny but the generous chill wind made it better. The road was very commercial. Here, all buildings are in pink. It is a government rule to retain the color of the buildings, pink only. There is no gap between these buildings. The local shops selling bangles, duppatas, sarees, caps, leather shoes, bags, etc,. Many locals on the road didn’t show Khandaka Mahal (homestay). And finally, one young man showed me the signboard. It was a restaurant. As I was wondering if I had reached the right place, the manager opened the glass door of a narrow entrance and invited me. Phew! I was surprised. It was a huge space unlike what it looked like from outside.


Jal Mahal


I will definitely be here again to cover

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