How I killed the absent minded professor ?

The week was on a busy throttle. I was overloaded with a huge list of tasks. And the celebration of the bachelorette party was just a few hours ahead. Amongst that list was to get the pizza boxes back home. I was engaged on a call and in a hurry I rushed into the pizza hut. As I was walking towards my car, I, I slid my hand into my bag and to my dismay as usual, I did not find the car keys. I instantly placed the keys on the car next to me and opened my handbag, pizza hut carry-bag and was shocked to not find anywhere. I again rushed into the pizza hut store and asked them if I had placed my keys at the counter. The staff were very friendly and patiently searched for my car keys. In the meantime, there were calls from my hungry friends which I avoided picking. After almost 30 minutes, like in movies, I randomly felt like I had to walk up to my car. I did so. WHOA! “Puff! A huge sigh of relief” I saw the keys in the car. But now, car was locked automatically. I had no other key. I immediately googled to find the nearby local service stations to realize they could only dismantle the window glass and get my keys. They would fix it too. And that task would consume an hour. I called a few Beat owners and narrated to hear I had to call the nearby service center. Fortunately, the Beat service center guy referred me to the local service guys in Alwarpet.

And that was the best thing that happened to me. These 2 guys reached in around 15 – 20 minutes. Finally! He opened the door in 5 minutes. And there I reached my destination with cold pizzas. What happened next is history. 🙂

Forgetfulness is not a sin. Right. Not being able to remember a date or name of a place or a person is fine.

What might be the cause

There are multiple parallel tracks running on the mind. And the list of tasks have no priority assigned. You had not meditated the task.  When the mind is signaled by a new task, it now preempts the current task-at-hand and takes the new. And you seemingly have forgotten.

Alike the above narrated scenario, there had been numerous cases when I had lost keys for home and my bike. My gold finger ring, Sport shoes, backpack with belongings, many wallets, Rayban shades,.

2015 was the year I started something that was new to me. Solo travel. Fortunately, this was essential from my professional front while doing an ethnographic research wherein it was essential to conduct Surveys to understand the people and legalities about homestays at different locations across the country.

After a couple of destinations, I realized it was essential to compartmentalize my belongings wherein at any time, whatever was needed had to be handy – Tools, documents, medicines, security equipments, selfie stick & remote, hat/cap, stole, shoes, shades, etc. I had no choice but not lose any of my belongings as I migrated from one place to another. It could be between different homes, roadshows, restaurants, tourist points, etc,.

Sooner than not, I learnt to be MINIMALISTIC. Everything I carried had a reason, I did. To avoid confusion and most importantly, stressing to remember many things.

Least did I know this changed me as a person for good, to an extent that, today, I doubt if I have OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder) about order / organization. I get irked if my colleague keeps my pen on a different table than mine and my shoes misplaced in the show stand by maid.  Can I say, it is OCD that killed Absent-mindedness?

I had more than 2 decades of relationship with this absent minded professor. And I finally killed him.

“Mindfulness isn’t difficult, we just need to remember to do it.”

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